Sponsor Spotlight: Collective Resource

The team behind Wedtoberfest knows how important it is to host a green event. In an industry notorious for being extremely wasteful, Wedtoberfest is taking all necessary measures to be as eco-friendly as possible. Not only will we reduce and recycle all possible waste, but we will also be composting all food scraps that remain after the event. Cue our amazing eco-friendly sponsor- Collective Resource! Read more

Sponsor Spotlight: Half Acre Beer Company


One of the million fantastic things about Chicago is that it is such a hub for artisan, local craft breweries. The city is bursting at the seams with amazing beer that was created right here, among our tall skyscrapers and alongside gleaming Lake Michigan. There must be something special in the Chicago water that is allowing for these delicious beers to prosper. Half Acre Beer Co. is one of Chicago’s awesome local breweries- they are responsible for Daisy Cutter, which as a Chicagoan and/or pale ale lover, you are sure to be familiar with. They were also the first Chicago brewery to can their beer- which gives them some serious street cred if you ask us. We are beyond excited that they are sponsoring this year’s Wedtoberfest. Learn more about them below. Read more

Sponsor Spotlight: Atmosphere Events Group


Photo by Shane Welch Photography

You can’t host a successful event without kick-ass sponsors- and that’s just a fact. That’s why the Wedtoberfest team is incredibly excited about this year’s event: our sponsor lineup is awesome. In the next few weeks, we will be featuring each one of our amazing sponsors so that attendees can get a little more acquainted with the people who are helping make Wedtoberfest 2015 so badass.

We’re kicking off our Sponsor Spotlight with Atmosphere Events Group. Learn more about AEG and have a look at some of their work below. Read more